Books And Hearts (Book Thoughts: Love By The Book, Melissa Pimentel)

22571771I liked the premise of Melissa Pimentel’s “Love By The Book” that I started reading instantly. Lauren, the book’s main character and narrator started to get sick of dating and started a social experiment of using dating self-help books, and chronicling her experience (Pimentel writes int he end that she did this herself)  She starts with “The Rules,” that famous dating advise book, and goes through a number of other books. This story is fun at the beginning but around half-way through becomes tedious: she keeps on making the same mistakes, and I ask myself: isn’t she supposed to be learning something from all this? And yes, she does admit towards the end that these books are all crap, and the ending was forced, like she wanted ot tag something nice at the end, without any formidable set-up so you just couldn’t accept it. The book felt overly long even though it isn’t.

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