Christmas Can Be A Drag (Music Thoughts: Slay Belles, RuPaul/Christmas Queens, Various Artists)

RuPaul-Slay-Belles-album-cover-426x426You know Drag has gone mainstream when, this year, we have two drag-related Christmas albums.  RuPaul has released his second Christmas album, titled “Slay Belles,” (he released one in 1997) and to its credit, this album sounds liek your typical RuPaul Christmas album – working his light 90s R & B sound with sass and attitude. It’s immensely likable, especially with the crowd who “grew up” with Ru. But, that is also it’s biggest fault – the songs all sound the same. I have played it about three or four time straight now and I’ll be darned if I can tell how and where one song starts and the other ends. And, for a drag queen, the sentiments can be pretty generic, more on the peace and from our home mode. Ru gives sass in the delivery but not in the content.

imagesSass is also in abundance in “Christmas Queens,” an album of Holiday music from some of the queens from RuPaul’s drag race. I wish I were more up to dae with these queens, but apparently the creme de la creme of drag queens show up here: Ginger Minj, Miss Fame, Jiggly Caliente, Manila Luzon, and Sharon Needles, among others. And again, the songs are a mix of dance club songs served with a whole lot of drag attitude, with “topical” lyrics sung (or recited) with a little more attitude. Sorry for being the vinegar among the sweetness here, but color me unimpressed with their banal lyrics and generic sentiments. I guess I am more old-school drag, where they spewed more nuanced messages that are more pointed. After a while, these queens exhausted me, and I wanted to turn them off.

Bottom Line: I guess these two albums would be good background music if you are having a Christmas party with friends, but I bet later on in the evening, everyone will want to listen to music that have a lot more substance.

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