Parental Units (Television Review, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 8 : My Mom, Greg’s Mom, and Josh’s Smooth Dance Moves)


Well, the good news first – it looks like “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” got an eighteen episode order from The CW, and that is good news, because it looks like someone, or some people, at the network really like the series, even though the ratings really have not been exceptional. So there is some hope. But because I like this show, I hope against hope hat it gets a second season.

Now on to last night’s episode, “My Mom, Greg’s Mom, and Josh’s Sweet Dance Moves” seems to be the holiday episode. Or is it? It mainly deals with families – both Rebecca’s and George’s. Rebecca’s mom, played by the wonderful Tovah Feldshuh, is as overbearing as you think she would be (Jewish mom, hello) and she actually has a pretty good song, “Where’s The Bathroom,” which introduces her character this episode. And Greg, my dear Greg, we see that he comes from a rich family, but it seems like it is Greg who has a chip on his shoulder. Does this make us believe that Rebecca and Greg are meant for each other, as they both have family issues? Well, who doesn’t anyway. Rebecca’s mom seems to be horrid to her, only out to look for herself, while Greg’s mom seems genuinely sweet.

An interesting plot point arrive towards the end of the episode: Greg and Heather kiss. Heather, Rebecca’s friend. I can see it coming now – she will confide to Rebecca about Greg, and it will trigger Rebecca’s true feelings for Greg.

The big musical number at the end – with almost all the principal cast is fun, but I found it somewhat lacking. Maybe I am comparing it to the Thanksgiving episode, which was better, and the plot actually moved a little bit more on that episode. It’s still a very enjoyable hour of television. and I am still engaged to this show.

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