Blue Vest (Television Thoughts, Superstore, NBC)

Superstore“Superstore” is kind of like the sitcom version of the website “People Of Walmart” except that it is less funny. It’s formulaic, and cliched, and it has America Ferrera as Amy, the main character who is a stuck-in-the-mud. And Amy is so unlikeable you kind of pity her. The normally charming  Ferrera  can’t do much. The rest of the cast is cookie-cut from stereotypes that when they do an episode about stereotyping people one can’t think but ask, “Where’s The Irony?”

But my biggest takeaway from this? Ben Feldman. From the stills from the show, I thought that he was Scott Baio, and since i was a Chachi fan from way back, I couldn’t help but fixate on that while watching the show. I mean, he even sounds like a young Scott Baio, and of course I had such a big crush on Baio then that I cannot help but crush (again) on Feldman. Seriously, he was the only reason to make watchging this bearable for me. NBC introduced the first three episodes after relaunching it again on the fourth of January, and Feldman might just be the only lure for me to watch the next episodes. Though the promise of his character pairing up with Ferrera’s might turn me off altogether.

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