Teenage Girl, Interrupted (Movie Thoughts, The Diary Of A Teenage Girl)

tumblr_nv1teoWBCK1qzdglao1_1280Marielle Heller’s “The Diary Of A Teenage Girl” has been showing up on a lot of critics’ year-end best of lists. It’s a small gem of the film, that I agree, but I wish I liked it more. I admire it for a lot of reasons. Firstly, it is refreshing to see a sex-positive movie from a female teenager’s point of view. And while it is set in San Francisco in the 80s, I feel that it could have made more impact had it been set in today’s modern times. Secondly, there are wonderful performances from Kristin Wiig, and especially for me, Alexander Skarsgard. Sarsgard’s character could have really gone as a cliche, but he infuses it with humanity and charm. I do have to disagree with the near-universal praise for Bel Powley, who plays tha main and title character, Minnie Goetz. For me, she is the weak link. She reads weak to me when the character is supposed to be strong, and when she aches to be vulnerable, she seems much to self-conscious for the character to be convincing. I have to admit that perhaps if she had been played by an actress, the movie would have worked much better for my particular taste. And it is totally a taste thing, for sure. I know for a lot of people, she made the movie memorable. But it is a brave film, for every Porky’s out there that celebrates young male sexuality, there really isn’t a movie like this one to match it. It is one of those stories that gives a heartbeat to what teenagers really feel, and this movie celebrates it.

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