Smell In Yellow (Perfume Thoughts: Hermes, Un Jardin de Monsieur Li)


Does this ever happen to you ? You buy a perfume, and then you forget to use it.  got Hermes’ Un Jardin de Monsieur Li from the Duty Free store in Istanbul in August, and, alas, just realized I never used it. It was a cheap 1 0z bottle, and I had quickly unpacked it and stored it – and quickly forgot about it. Well, I did not really “forget” about it, as I knew I had it, and knew where it was. Today I finally wore it, and savoured in its simple complexity.

A friend told me he quite disliked this scent because it smelled like Hong Kong. Well, he was right – Jean Claude Ellena based it on a Chinese garden, and I am guessing he is smelling that kumquat note that is mistakably “Chinese.” I like it a lot – the note is there but it is not prominent. Nothing is prominent here – it’s Ellena at his gauziest, etherealest. It’s refined, akint o a nice lacquered Chinese cabinet – the intricacy and detail is there, but it’s classy and will fit any aesthetic. It has its own character, and fits with all the other scents in the Les Jardin series. The base is faint woods, the kumquat is still there, and there’s that unmistakable Ellena note – somewhat minerally – that has come to be his staple. It’s on the fainter side, and it is a whisper of  scent – I had to keep on smelling my wrist throughout the day as I thought it was already gone.

Is this Ellena’s last scent ever? It’s definitely his last for Hermes, as he has retired from his post in the company. If so, he is leavign with a modest and dignified bow, and that’s just perfectly in line with his style.

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