Making Spirits Bright (Television Thoughts, Caputo Christmas, Long Island Medium,TLC)

LongIslandMediumS07E15CaputoChristmas480px264mSDsI am so torn by Theresa Caputo. Yes, I have read all the stories about her being a fraud, like this one. And truth be told, I have not kept up with her last season. Still, I am drawn to her. I am drawn to what she says she is – which is someone who helps people communicate wit their dearly departeds. Maybe because it’s the  Christmas season, and year after year, I still mourn and feel the loss of loved ones that I succumb to her idea. I just watched her new Christmas episode, “Caputo Christmas” and I cannot lie and say I have mixed feelings as I watch the show. When I see her doing these readings, a part of me asks, did her producers know about these details and feed her? There are times that you really can see her struggle. But at the same time, some scenes (like when she reads a sister who overdosed on drugs) display her charm, and I am smitten again. Maybe that’s why I am still so fascinated by her, and truth be told, would love to go to her for a reading myself. The show now is showing its creaks – it isn’t as well produced as other reality shows. (When the segments are about her life, I cringe) But I would like to believe and hope that there is sincerity in what she does. Right? Right?

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