Eva-Vavavavoom (Television Thoughts: Telenovela)


I was bored and decided to watch the first two episodes of “Telenovela,”  the new sitcom from NBC produced by and starring Eva Longoria. And I was just as bored after watching it. I felt disappointed, because the idea showed a lot of promise: a comedy set in the telenovela world. I mean, the stuff should be writing itself. And Eva Longoria is great as Ana Sofia, an over-the-top Latina soap star. Longoria is game, looking like the dethroned Miss Columbia, but there’s only so much she can do without good writing. And she is pretty generous, too, as the second episode focused on the characters around her: an aging insecure actress, a gay hunk, her ex-husband co-star. Everything felt so by-the-book there wasn’t enough breathing room for the actors to act – every joke manufactured, every physical act rehearsed. I barely cracked a smile throughout the whole two shows. In order for it to succeed, sadly, it needs a major overhaul. Eva, Eva, Eva…detach yourself from the curse of NBC…

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