Sun In A Bottle (Perfume Thoughts: Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom)


One of my favorite perfume releases for this year is Jo Malone’s Mimosa & Cardamom. I have been quite impressed with all the later Jo Malone releases, and I do think they are experiencing a new renaissance   I was glad to smell a fragrance with a mimosa note, as I think I only have one other one in my wardrobe:  L’Artisan’s Mimosa Pour Moi. I think the mimosa note is a very Jo Malone kind of note: nice and sweeet, and not too loud. Partnered with cardamom, it’s really perfect for the brand aesthetic.

The mimosa is here: powdery and intimate, and the cardamom frames it with a cool green edge that’s slightly mineral-y. That’s about it. Some people get vanilla, tonka beean, jasmine. I get none of that – I only get the mimosa and the crdamom. And then I get nothing. This is one of those Jo Malone scents that disappear in my skin quickly. Even in a cold day like today, none of it stays, and I find myself wanting to spray more to keep on smelling it – and believe me, I am heavy handed on the initial spray. If there is a scent that could benefit from an “intense” formulation, this would be it. But I enjoy it for what it is – a nice reminder of a sunny day,e specially on a cold dreary day like today.

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