Crazy Love (Book Thoughts: Sunset Park, Santino Hassell)

25842991Santino Hassell is a man. I think he is. I am always wary about all these MM romances now, because I know a lot of them are now written by women, but Hassell has somewhat of a social media presence – Instagram, Facebook – and I went and checked them out after finishing this book. Yes, he seems to be a biological male, based on the photos, btu curiously no face pics on any of them. It shouldn’t matter really.

I can only describe “Sunset Park” as a story of crazy love. Two people who, on paper, shouldn’t be with each other, get together. And the way they get there is so exhausting that at times I found myself sighing. But you know what? This makes the story more real – these situations aren’t the smoothest but they happen to real people, and in the past, I have found myself in these volatile affections. And I have seen it in friends’ relationship. It’s youth, when you still have all the energy to show love this way. Just reading about this made me really tired, so there’s no way I can handle this right now in my life. But for fiction, I can manage this. But only, justĀ  there.

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