People Are People (Book Thoughts, Problems With People, David Guterson)

18465853The search for human connection is a curious thing. That seems to be theme of “Problems With People,” a collection of short stories by David Guterson. In here, we see people – young, old, local, foreign – who because of consequence, or a past experience, seeks human connection. Some seek love, some seek resolution, some seek enlightenment, but the common thread among them is that they are seeking. There’s a middle-aged couple who meet on, and they try to decipher each other. There’s a man in Nepal who befriends a young boy who cleans his shoes.

Some stories are better than others. Some abrupt too quickly and some linger than necessary. As with most short story collections, you get an Entenmann’s box: some satisfy, some you discard, but more often than not, it feeds a hunger.

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