All About Amour (Perfume Thoughts, Amour Nocturne, L’Artisan)

iamoI distinctly remember when L’Artisan launched their Explosions d’Emotions collection. It was 2013, and I was at Harrod’s in London. There was a dedicated associate for the collection, and I asked him what made this collection different. The way he explained it, on these perfumes the notes would come and go. Meaning, just when you think a particular note has subsided, it will come back. I remember getting Deliria then (still my favorite in the line) but I remember my second choice was Amour Nocturne. I have since acquired the whole series (the price of it has dropped so low that it seemed a waste if I did *not* get them)  And Amour Nocturne was the last one I got. Why? It had a note that I was scared of: hot milk. I am not a big fan of the milk note (of the smell of milk in general) perhaps because I am not a milk drinker. In fact, the thought of it makes my stomach curdle – just a lactose intolerant thing.

But, in Amour Nocturne, milk is mixed with a couple of other notes, like gun powder, rum, and candy floss. Doesn’t sound like one of those cooking experiments wherein someone is tasked to come up with a dish with weird ingredient combinations. And yes, this is definitely a weird scent, along the lines of Secretes Magnifique from Etat Libre d’Orange. I honestly still cannot decide if I like this or not – that hot milk note does come up in the initial blast, but it is mixed with a lot of gourmand-y things (toffee? caramel?) that the effect is more candy milk than plain milk, making the combination more of the sweet and sour variety. And the gun powder note goes there to bring some mineral/chemical aspect. And in the heart of this all is cedar – woodsy but with all the sweetness it is more a sweet wood. It’s too sweet at times, but true to the sales associate’s word, the notes do come and go, and at times the woods dominate. Amour Nocturne definitely smells like baked bread at times, but then a times it smells so far from it.  I don’t know if this is something I would like to wear everyday (I would say not, and I could also see someone despising this) but I am certainly glad that, as a collector, I have this in my wardrobe.


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