Young Again (Television Thoughts, Younger, Season 2 Episodes One and Two)

younger-season-2-poster.jpg.pagespeed.ce.VWlOQlal0dThe second season of “Younger” starts almost exactly where the first season ended. Liza’s daughter Caitlyn is coming home from India, and Liza has just ‘reconciled’ with Josh. Liza starts to confess to Caitlyn, but backs off when the latter suggests that maybe Liza is ‘transitioning’ (“Dad always says you had big hands”)  Darren Starr still knows how to pack everything in neatly in these episodes – he has such a deft eye for well-done ‘fast paced’ that you always come up begging for more. And this show always manages to delight and infuriate me all at the same time always.  For example, all the press releases for the second season hint on the fact that Caitlyn coming home will cause a different dynamic, and true, the idea is promising. So why, then does she shipped away, living with her father at the end of Episode 1, after she discovers her mother dating the guy who did her tattoo? That just seems a bit lazy. But the rest of the show, I have no complaints. I like the fact that theya re using Hillary Duff much better, and her getting her own imprint at Empirical will open up new story lines for her. And Sutton Foster is better than ever – she has now mastered just the right mix of vulnerability and chutzpah for Liza. And most of all, I love the fact that this is a very New York show – the characters act, sound, and look like the idealized version of New Yorkers I know and love. I’ll be wsatching.

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