At The Opera (Perfume Thoughts: Prima del Teatro di San Carlo, Carthusia)


When I was at Capri last Summer, I had to visit the Carthusia store, of course.  The perfume house is based there, and apparently is a big vendor for the city that they now have two big stores in opposite sides of Capri – just in case you miss one, I guess. And since I have most of their regular line already, I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular. So, I looked at both their limited edition offerings – Essence Of The Park, which is a tribute to New York City’s Central Park, and Prima del Teeatro di San Carlo, which is a collaboration with the San Carlo Opera House located in Naples, Italy. It was a very hot and humid day when I was there. and I was really gravitating towards Essence Of The Park, which is a nice cool green scent, but I felt like it was almost criminal to buy a NYC based scent while in Italy. So I went with Prima del Teatro di San Carlo.

“Prima” the perfume of the San Carlo Theatre, fruit of collaboration with Carthusia, displays the energies of a great opera, as a composition of unique notes that have come to life in tandem with the most important theatrical event of the year.

Her vivacious boquet of bergamot,mint, rose, as well as the legendary Oil of Oudh, evokes the excellence of prized wood and valued fabric; those who love theatre will discover a new way of living theiremotions.

That’s their copy for this perfume.  It was a hot day, and even their sales associate told me that this was the wrong day to sample this scent. Despite that, though, it still spoke to me. The rose is muted, and the mint dominates, giving it sort of a glow. It’s not dissimilar to  Prada Infusion d’Rose,  without its sweet transparency. This is heavy, even on a cold day like today, it brims with spice. Even though it’s nto listed here, I coudl swear there’s something dirty in the perfume: civet, perhaps? Mixed with oud, the heart of the scent is medicinal wood, and that’s right by my alley. I love this a lot, and the fact that it is hard to find now makes me love it even more.


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