Time On Her Hands (Music Thoughts, Matter Of Time, Aimée Allen)

BlogI have so much music that I want to write about that I have put them now in a separate folder, and I vow to go through them one by one. These are mostly albums I hav heard good things about, or on surface (album cover, song selection, name recognition) have caught my interest. So I just chose a random title from the folder, and voila, Aimée Allen’s “Matter Of Time.”

Who, you ask? (I did.) Allen is a jazz singer based in New York City, and is one of those “continental” singers,” fluent in language and styles of France and Portugal. She also writes her own songs, in the vein of The Great American Songbook,” and in this album she includes some of these. Allen is backed by wonderful musicians –  Brazilian guitarist Romero Lubambo as well as François Moutin on bass, Toru Dodo on piano, and Jacob Melchior on drum. Her voice is of the low, honeyed type: appealing and pleasant. If only it instilled some fire in me – it is just so generic that I wouldn’t be able to pick it up from a lineup. And it is dangerously close to being off-key, and yes, I know she is trying hard the desafinado style where she sings just under the note. I think she sometimes dips a little too low. And I wish she cared more about the lyrical content. on “The Island,” there are careless errors, and if they are intentional, they just seem to be bad choices. And I hated her syncopated arrangement of “My Romance.” Curiously, and this very rarely happens, I was kind of drawn to her original compositions –  the title track in paarticular – wherein you can sense her intimacy to what she is singing. I gave this album a couple of chances. My heart just wasn’t fully in it.

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