Love On The Spectrum (Movie Thoughts: Autism In Love)

510a7WPn1KL._SX200_QL80_What is that saying? Every pot has a lid? Well, that’s certainly true in some cases, and in others, not so much.  In Matt Fuller’s documentary, “Autism In Love,” he centers on a couple of autistic people in different places in the spectrum, and show us how they – just like anyone and everyone in the world – look and find love in the world. It’s sort of an eye-opener for me. One of the mothers of these special people even said she never thought her son would ever find love, and there he is, partnered. There’s Lindsey and Dave,  who met at an autism conference and is now living together. They talk about all the adjustments they make in their lives to make their relationship work, and their story is framed in a rom-com angle. Their happily ever after? He proposes to her at the end of the documentary.

Some of the other stories aren’t nearly as cheerful. Lenny is so classic male chauvinist, and is unrelenting on his quest to find a girl who has to make less money than he does, so that he becomes the ‘main provider’ for their family.  And there’s Stephen, who is married to Geeta, but she has been battling cancer, though still upbeat. Does he provide her the emotional support needed in her condition? I doubt it, but what do I know as she seems happy.

But overall, it made me think. People are people, even if they are on the spectrum. They look for love, and some are more successful than others. Just like us, just like me.

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