My Baby’s Got A Secret (Book Thoughts, The Secret Letters, Abby Bardi)

25819642Abby Bardi’s novel, “The Secret Letters” can be described in one word: heartwarming. It tells the story of Julie Barlow, whose mother just passed away. While cleaning out her mother’s room, they chance upon a box of love letters from a certain “J” and she comes to the conclusion that this person is her real father, as the letters were written around the time of her conception. These letters become the catalyst for what happens next to her and her quirky family.

I like it, and I couldn’t put it down that I finished it in one evening. Julie, as a character, is just the right blend of comic and tragic, and her weird family, you will realize, is nowhere near as different than any of ours. While the writing is imperfect in style, it zips quickly and twists and turns come when you leas expect so you become engrossed. This is a great beach read with just the right amount of depth that you don’t feel too guilty reading it.

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