Ghost Of A Chance (Television Thoughts, Like A Boss, Younger S02 E03)

younger-season-1-poster-tv-showMy main takeaway from the third episode of “Younger” this second season? The term “Ghosting,” which millennials apparently use. Apparently, it’s when someone stops communicating with you (through text or various messaging platforms) even though you still see them on social media. In my days, we just used to call that ignoring you, and people who do it basically have bad manners. It’s been done to me, and honestly in my younger years I may done it to someone as well. It just goes to show you that even in this day and age, things do not change with regards to human behaviour.

Tonight’s episode, “Like A Boss” is great. We get to see Kelsey launch her Milleanial imprint, and they have a party (In Greenpoint!) to launch it. In the beginning, though, Josh is still upset that Liza has not told Kelsey her real age. How could she, of course, when she involved with the new imprint? “But don’t you want to lead an authentic life,” he asks. Who wants to do that – and that’s when Liza realizes Josh has been ghosting her, as he had social media interactions with different people. They are definitely setting up the Liza/Josh/Charles triangle, as towards the end of the episode, a nice champagne moment between Liza and Charles gets marred by Josh’s arrival, and you can see twinkles in Liza’s eyes as Charles leaves. Subtle, but I can’t be fooled.

And they are giving Hillary Duff a whole lot more to do, even providing her the big laugh of the night, as she struggles to get out of a pretentious fashion moment from avant-garde designers. It’s great physical comedy, and Duff shows she is more than game to be out there. I loved his episode, and it looks like the show will be hitting it out of the ball park this season.

One thought on “Ghost Of A Chance (Television Thoughts, Like A Boss, Younger S02 E03)

  1. I love this series. It was a fun episode. One of the designer guys (the taller one) looked so familiar. Do you know what else he’s been in? Kelsey needs to brush off the rude comments and just rock the new imprint. She always seems so cool and confident, so it was weird to see her as anything but.


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