Reading Filth (Movie Thoughts: Dirty Grandpa)

Robert-De-Niro-Zac-Efron-Dirty-Grandpa-Movie-PosterI read a review the other wherein the reviewer said that “dirty Grandpa” is probably the worst film of Robert De Niro’s stellar career, so I set my bar very low when assessing this movie. And perhaps that reviewer is right, although I cannot say that I am very intimate with De Niro’s filmography. Make no mistake, “Dirty Grandpa” is bad – it is tasteless and gross, and you wonder how the mighty Raging Bull has fallen for himt o get involved with this project, which is directed bY Dan Mazar, a writer for Sasha Cohen. I found myself shakign my head a couple of times, asking myself how low can this movie go? But you know what, it’s not the worst thing in the world, and I bet it will catch on with its target market: young male audiences. It’s crass, for sure, the same way that ‘Borat’ was crass, but it never pretends to be anything else. And I do have to give De Niro credit for being very game here – he does every trick in the book for the material to come across. I mean, you don’t even for a second doubt his commitment. Talk about a consummate actor.

dgpAnd Zac Efron?  He holds his own. You see, I belong in that school of peopel who thinks that beneath his too-handsome exterior lies a very talented actor, though lately he has become more mannered. You see glimpses of his natural charm here, and he is certainly swoon worthy for most of the movie – just try and not be enthralled by him singing “Because You Loved Me” here. So did I have a bad time watching this movie? Not as horrid as one might think, I even chuckled a couple of times -just don’t alert the press. Believe me, I have seen much worse.

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