The Big Reveal (Television Thoughts: Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Episode 9)


A lot has happened since we last saw an episode of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”  Rachel Bloom , over the holidays, won both the Golden Globe and the Critics Choice Award for Best Actress in a Comedy, and I think deservedly so. I know a lot of people during the Globes were kind of wondering “Who was that?” when Bloom went on stage to receive her award. In that sense, I think tonight’s episode is a make or break one: i am sure there are a lot of people tuned int o see what the hype was about, and the verdict is out whether they will stay or leave.

It’s one of the best episodes of the series. It had a lot of hilarious moments and musical numbers, but it also had a whole lot of heart. Rebecca, in the beginning of the episode realizes she still has no friends in West Covina, and Valencia, sensing this, sets her up by inviting her to their Saturday beach outing. So of course, Rebecca goes all out even getting a party bus for them to ride. But everyone’s hidden agendas come to forth. And just as I predicted, it looks like Greg and Josh are both falling for her, despite the fact that they both are dating different women right now. It’s a great set up and I couldn’t help but feel touched in that scene inside the bus where Rebecca, in the midst of all these people, have never felt alone. And we also get a big breakthrough in the end when she got confronted by everyone as to the real reason why she moved to California, and grasping for straws, she concocts one last story, but this one tinged with real feelings. How Josh reacted to that is genius, and sets up the last part of this season. In some ways we are right back where we started, but at the same time, we start anew. This show keeps on surprising me in the best way possible.


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