She Still Says Yes (Book Thoughts: Year Of Yes, Shonda Rhimes)

25690958I liked the premise of Shonda Rimes’ book “Year of Yes: How To Dance It Out, Stand In The Sun, and Be Your Own Person.”  Basically, I thought the book was a narration of things – invitations, public speaking, acting offers, etc – Rhimes have been avoiding and fearing. I thought this would show he she overcame her fear and faced them head on. Rhimes is the creator/writer of shows like Gray’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder. (For the record, I watched maybe half the first season of Gray, never seen Scandal, and saw maybe three episodes of How To Get Away…)

It’s partly that, but it’s a lot of other things too. Just look at the mouthy title: it gives you an idea of Rhimes writing style. Basically, I just didn’t like it. She uses five hundred words when five would be enough. And she goes around and around her point that I have already lost interest by the time she got there. And her false modesty seems to be a put on: every other sentence seems to be her boasting about her achievements. It’s seems passive aggressive – woe is me but look at what I have done. I disliked her even more by the end of the book. Of course, though, this is just my opinion, and is based on how I perceived her. A lot of people clearly relates to what she is serving and that’s fine too.

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