Campsite Love Affair (Television Thoughts, Crazy Ex Girlfriend S01 E10, I’m Back At The Camp With Josh)



Episode #10 starts with Rebecca finally admitting that she is in love with Josh. It’s probably the first time she admitted it to someone else. Heck, it must be the first time she is admitting it to herself. And then Josh, of course, shows up to tell her that he is volunteering at a camp for underpriveleged kids. And of course – ding! – this presents the perfect opportunity for Rebecca and Josh to be back where they first met – at a summer camp – and maybe, perhaps, Rebecca can finally read to Josh that love letter she wrote him years ago. So after writing the organization a hefty check, Rebecca is off to camp.

If only it were that easy. Rebecca gets allergies, and when she starts reading her letter to Josh, he starts laughing (Paula was ill against the idea) so she is hurt by this – only for Josh to pick up the letter from the garbage and tells her that after reading it, he realized that Rebecca is the only person who has always been there from the start. This presents a major step here. With about three episodes to go, I still think the cliffhanger will be Rebecca choosing between Josh and Greg…

And speaking about Greg, we see him getting commitment phobic with Heather. But as I think, even if shown otherwise, that the real reason Greg cannot commit to someone is because he is smitten with someone else – and we all know who that is.

This was a great episode, with some great musical numbers. I particularly liked the girl group one wherein the kids give advise to Rebecca to put herself first – it had style, it had flair.

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