Easy Ain’t Easy (Music Thoughts, Easy Living, Jennifer Porter)

CoverOn her website, singer/actress Jennifer Porter put this blurb regarding her album, Easy Living.

INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARD NOMINEE – JAZZ WITH VOCALS – Famous and lesser-known Jazz standards sung beautifully, feeling at once timeless and new.

I had to laugh. “Famous and lesser-known jazz standards”? Maybe I am being a snob, but the selections here are some of the most common jazz standards being sung by every other generic jazzette out their. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – these are stellar, tried-and-tested songs that stand the test of time. There’s nothing wrong with singing them, or putting them in your album, but to claim they are rare is a little bit of a hyperbole.

Porter is an LA based singer/pianist and you can tell has sturdy musicianship. She has a not unappealing voice, and I do like the hints of huskiness there. I read in her bio that she started as a classically trained opera singer, and I do hear hints of that in her singing. But I wish it was more distinctive, and her delivery more interesting. More often than not, her album became ‘background music.’  One song blended into another, with each arrangement solid but bland. Or maybe I have heard these songs all too much – I found nothing here for me to want to come back to.


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