I Will Make A Choice (Movie Thoughts: The Choice)

indexPoor Benjamin Walker. He is quite a gifted actor, and I wonder when he actually realized he was in one of the most offensive movies of all time, “The Choice.”  This is Nicholas Spark’s eleventh movie adaptation of his novel, and his first one under his production company. It’s also quite possibly the worst, as a lot of critics have exclaimed. It’s not even the banal story – the hard sell of these two lovers, played by Walker and Theresa Palmer. The two actors have zilch chemistry, and their actors  try their darndest to manufacture any kind of chemistry. I mean, I could stomach that, and I even bought the love story when they finally got together. It’s the last act that offended me – how the thinly veiled religious message tried to usurp everything that preceded before it. May I remind Mr. Sparks that he created characters with no moral compass: i.e. they cheated on their respective partners to be with each other. So for us to be saddled with this message at the end is hypocritical at best? I’m sorry, but the movie left a very sour and bitter taste on my mouth. It is a propaganda, and they wrapped it in a tiny bow of a forced love story. I am making a choice – this is the last Nicholas Sparks anything I will ever patronize, and that is my last word on this.

2 thoughts on “I Will Make A Choice (Movie Thoughts: The Choice)

  1. Too bad about that. I loved The Longest Ride. Not all his movies can be winners though. I remember reading The Choice, but it’s not a standout favorite or anything. I was disappointed from A Walk to Remember since they modernized the story and it lost the feel from the book.


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