Taking Advantage Of Love (Book Thoughts, The Idea Of Love, Patti Callahan Henry)

23014609I know that Patti Callahan Henry has written a couple of books, and has a great following, but I confess “The Idea Of Love” is the first book of hers I have read. It’s a pretty harmless summer Southern romance. Stylistically, it evokes Danielle Steele with just a bit of a not-too-heavy does of Nicholas Sparks. The story of two people who fall in love with and despite of each other’s lies have been told before, but Henry still manages to keep it somewhat fresh by making it modern and old-fashioned at the same time. It didn’t break new ground for me, and the writing is perhaps a bit on the safe side, with the tone a little too serious than it needs to be. But,  there’s nothing wrong with that. I could see this as an effective Lifetime or Hallmark Channel Television movie.

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