She Gone Done It (Television Thoughts: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S01 E11, That Text Was Not Meant For Josh)


“That Text Was Not Meant For josh,” Episode Eleven of ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ is its most affecting episode yet, and may be the game changer as to what happens next in the series. It all starts out well – Rebecca and Josh see each other at the boba place, and they even hug. But while at a meeting, Rebecca sends Josh a text was meant for Paula, and that’s when things, falling domino style, starts falling apart. I mean, we have all been there – sending a wrong text, and we feel that cold sensation, panic rising in our stomach. I loved the way the show handled this initially – with everyone at Rebecca’s law firm empathizing with her, and helping her get to Josh’s house so she can delete the text on his phone. And she nearly succeeds to be unscathed, until…Josh catches her inside the house, and she concocts a cockamamie story that eventually backfires in her face. What a squirm worthy moment – I couldn’t even look at the television screen when Josh first catches her. And Bloom is perfect: cunning, scared, manipulating, panicky – she was able to delivery all those emotions at the same time, and convincingly.  And when she delivers her 11 o clock number, “You Stupid Bitch,” you cannot help but feel repelled at her, but feel bad for her at the same time. I swear, it reminded me of ‘Rose’s Turn’ from GYPSY. This is turning out to be this show’s best episode ever, and I cannot wait till next week to find out what happens next.

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