Rough Cotton (Music Thoughts, The Real Book, Daniela Cotton)

Blog.jpgThere are singers who encompass genres – Daniella Cotton is one of them. She has a very soulful R & B voice, but sings in a rock setting. She has a strong voice, but it doesn’t really have that sassy R & B attitude, but has more a edgier, touch chick feel. I can imagine her with a guitar (as a matter of fact, a guitar magazine wrote an article about her) and a black leather jacket. Yes, I am stereotyping, perhaps,  but I’m just doing it to describe her music. This is a covers album, of songs that inspired her  while she was at a low point in her life, dealing with a thyroid cancer diagnosis as well as a divorce. I love the rawness in her voice as she sing these songs, which range from Annie Lennox to Stevie Wonder to Bruno Mars to The Rolling Stones . And she has got the best collaborators, like Rachel Yamagata, Tracy Bonham ,  and The Broadway Inspirational Voices Choir. On one track she goes from a smoky dive bar to a stage with a gospel choir – she can do it all, and she displays a range of emotions in this emotional journey of an album. I found it best listening to this album from start to finish – the songs have an emotional arc, and by the time you get to the end you are emotionally exhausted like you went through what she did. It’s strangely satisfying, and worth the experience.

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