Living Single (Movie Thoughts: How To Be Single)

how-to-be-single-posterYou know, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, and I just wanted me some hopeless romantic indulgence. Slim pickings out there, but hey there’s one that’s in the same vein, I think: How To Be Single. I mean, it tells of four love stories so I should be able to relate to at least one of them, right? Unfortunately, it’s a hot mess,  and I really couldn’t warm up to any of them. They all felt half-baked, forced, and trying too hard.  I didn’t believe any of it. The one I came close to connecting was Leslie Mann’s. Her Meg is a doctor who has everything except a boyfriend and a child. She tries to skip the first and gets IVF, and of course, she meets Ken, played adorably by Jake Lacey. The other stories were kind of pathetic. While Rebel Wilson lands most of the laughs, she is given scant of anything else (she still steals every scene she is on) And Alison Brie, one of my favorite young actresses (brilliant in Mad Men) tries hard to humanize her one-note character, and ultimately fails. Dakota Johnson, the film’s star, is pretty and is a good actress, but is unable to balance her character’s tone: brooding one minute, inexplicably promiscuous the next, and later on feeling hopeless romantic. As I said, it’s too much thrown with no rhyme or reason, and ultimately I felt let down by it. Wilson provided some genuinely funny parts, but I wanted romance, and it wasn’t delivering on that end. Your mileage may vary.

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