Swap And Camp (Younger S02 E06, S02 E07)


Yes, I know I am behind with Younger, too. So I will just write about Episode 6 (Scheming) and Episode 7 (Into The Woods And Out Of The Woods) in one post. I liked Ep 6 a lot, especially the  way they schemed to get Jade’s book out of Empirical. I was totally impressed by how they did it – I was wondering myself how they could they get out of that mess. Hillary Duff was particularly good in this episode, cunning and charming at the same time. And there was one part of the episode I could really relate to – when Liza pulled a muscle and suddenly was aching. Funny enough, a similar thing happened to me last week. I was tying my shoelace and bending down, and pulled a similar muscle in my back. It’s been a week and now and it still kinda aches. Liza, if you think things are falling apart when you are 40, imagine how you would feel at 50.

On Episode 7, we get to the woods. I liked that Josh is playing bluegrass music – it’s so stupidly and appropriately hip, and funny. And after this episode, I can see where the story is kind of leading to: that love triangle between Josh, Liza, and Charles. You can see it in Liza’s face as she texts Charles. But I don’t know about the message this is sending. Are Liza and Charles better together because they are more age appropriate for each other? Or is it because they are intellectually closer to each other? I think they are making it now look like Josh and Liza are getting more and more incompatible with each other. I thought this episode is one of the weaker spots this season. There were times I felt kind of bored.


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One thought on “Swap And Camp (Younger S02 E06, S02 E07)

  1. I agree about Jade’s book situation. So glad they got that out the door.
    What did you think of the male feminist that Diana was seducing? The whole hospital situation and everything leading up to it was so embarrassing to watch.
    I like Charles with Liza and hope they get together at some point. I think they’re definitely intellectual equals. The sexting part was cringe-worthy though!
    This week’s episode is interesting. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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