Boring Bamboo (Perfume Thoughts: Gucci Bamboo)

Gucci-Bamboo-KV-(2)I feel like I have had this never-ending cold so I have not written about any scents of late. I mean, I have been wearing scents, just not really paying that much attention to them. But I wanted to snap out of the rut, and I wore something new (to me) from my overflowing tub of samples: Gucci Bamboo,  which was released late last year. I really thought Gucci Bamboo smelled like bamboo, and for a minute there I was kind of excited as to how the smell of bamboo, which is used in a lot of spas, can be elevated to a designer perfume. But, alas, this bamboo is only based on Gucci’s accessory line that features bamboos. (The pink/purple theme in the ads should have tipped me off ) This bamboo is actually a run-of-the-mill floral that has no personality and certainly has no edge. It starts with ylang ylang and lily, or the modern clean interpretations of these notes. The florals blend into a clean something, and it’s something that you have smelled probably a million times before. In fact, this one is reminiscent of my beloved Burberry The Beat for Women – it has that same plastic floral note that I like.  I guess I wasn’t expecting this to be anything more than what I sniffed, but it would have been nice to have been pleasantly surprised. The drydown is that white clean musk thing we also have smelled a million times before. Gucci Bamboo is okay: inoffensive, it will not anger anyone at the office, and it will probably be cheap enough to get at the discount sites a year after its release – if it doesn’t get discontinued.

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