Living Abroad (Book Thoughts: The Expatriates, Janice Y.K. Lee)

25387896It took me a while to get into  Janice Y. K. Lee’s “The Expatriates.” I even started another book while in the middle of this, and rejoined it after finishing that one. I wanted to finish the book, after all Lee has been described as the Asian Henry James. I can understand why she has been described that, and I do agree that she has this keen, specific eye for some human conditions. I just wish I was into the book more. Lee focuses on three main characters who are connected, and the connection is, for the most part, organic. But the set-up, and observations that set up the book takes a lot of time int he beginning of the book, and I felt a little rushed when things got going – the last part is juicy and is a page turner. And I like that the book doesn’t really get too melodramatic, for it could have crossed that line easily. All in all, this is probably the kind of book that needs to be read twice to be fully absorbed. I just don’t know if I have the time.

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