Josh’s Burden (Television Thoughts. Younger S02 E 08, Beyond Therapy)



It was bound to happen. Josh and Liza has broken up, and I think this one may stick (for a while)  When Josh gets an opportunity to be profiled by T, the New York Times Magazine, he isn’t able to include Liza in the article (because, obviously) and this sets up a domino of events that may be just too much for him to handle. I can’t blame him, I can just imagine the burden that he is shouldering with Liza’s secret, and there is only sop much a heart can take. And Liza, she is caught int he middle of all of this, paralyzed by how she is feeling and the situation she has put herself into. Sutton Foster has never been better than in that last scene, as she cries, pretending they are happy tears for Kelsey, who just got engaged. And you can see all the pain in her eyes as her friends get mad at Josh for not including her in the NYT article, and Josh’s dialogue – the one where he talks to the report, the more he realizes how Liza is such a big part of her life  – seems more heartbreaking than it needs to be. This episode may be closer to soap opera territory, but it works, and I bet everyone who has been following the show is shedding a tear. There are things running in my mid – this will clear the path for Charles and Liza, what will happen to Josh character, will this force Liza to admit her real age – but all of that is still enveloped by the heartbreak of Liza and Josh.

On another note, Martha Plimpton is great as Cheryl, the blackmailer in Liza’s life, but isn;t Cheryl more or less the same character Plimpton plays in ‘The Good Wife?’  Hmmmm

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