A Year In Life And Death (Book Thoughts, The Year That Follows, Scott Lasser)

8182258It occurred to me, while, I was in the middle of reading Scott Lasser’s “The Year That Follows” that I really have not read a lot of 9/11 Fiction. Maybe because I kind of lived it, and I have been subconsciously avoiding it? In any event, I thought this book had a lot of poignancy as I read it today, the twenty-fifth anniversary of my mother’s death. This is the story of Cat, a young mother, whose brother perished in 9/11. She is also discovering that he may have a son whose mom also died in the attacks. At the same time, their father is an old retired veteran who is also facing end of life dilemmas. You would think that with all these, you would be reading a maudlin novel. Serious as these subject matters may be, I found the book hopeful, because it focuses more on remembrances, and for the most part, how to deal with moving forward.

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