Court Dates (Television Thoughts, The People vs. Audra Lavine, Crzy Ex Girlfriend S01 E13)



After last week’s (in my opinion) weak episode comes this week’s Back-to-Form one.  Even if I am not too sold on the set up of Rebecca and Josh on this water lawsuit, I am going along with it, and I am being given rewards. Rebecca finds out the main chair counsel on the opposing side is Audra Lavine. You know, the same Audra Lavine that her mom has been taunting her since she was a kid, and coincidentally took over her position at the Manhattan law firm she deserted. And when they first see each other, they do a JAP battle rap that’s so great and imaginative that it hits just the right note. (That has to be one of the best numbers of the whole season) And it’s so funny because I have a friend named Audrey Lavine, and she is this singer in NYC, and I cannot help but think about her whenever her almost-namesake’s character is mentioned in the series.

Meanwhile, I cannot help but swoon with the White Josh/Darryl storyline, What a cute love match. And yes, even if I personally have some cynicism about it, I concede it makes me kind of giggle. And White Josh (Dave C Hull) is beyond adorable.

But the ending tonight – what a weird twist! Just when Greg finally realizes (and vocalizes) his love for Rebecca, we see him rushing to the court room in Los Angeles to see Josh and Rebecca finally kissing. Here’s the thing: is it weird that I am rooting for both both – well all three of them? I mean, I would be happy with Rebecca ending up with Josh, but at the se same time I would just be as elated if Greg and Rebecca end up being together! I guess this only means I like all the characters in this show. And I also cannot wait for how this thing is going to be resolved,

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