Out, Today (Movie Thoughts: 4th Man Out)

MV5BMTg2Nzk3MDI5Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzM3MjQ1NzE@._V1_UY1200_CR89,0,630,1200_AL_On one end, you can say that “4th Man Out” is sad and outdated: a coming out movie that should have been buried in the 90s. But this movie is set somewhere small town-y, and it’s that same small town feel that made me like it. But, yeah, it does seem a little odd for these twenty-something characters to be surprised when one of their friends comes out – this is the generation that grew up watching ‘Will And Grace.’ on Thursday nights. While I can relate to that struggle of coming out, I am sure it’s easier now for younger people to come out to their peers? Or am I being foolishly naive about it?

This movie has a very appealing cast, and that’s what makes it for me. They may be saying and doing not so pleasant things, but they already got me, and Evan Todd, as Adam, is adorable and I rooted for him right away. And I can even identify with his dating struggles: it’s wild out there, and is probably even wilder in his small town. Parker Young as his BFF is good as well, and I wish they explored more the intricacies of close friendships that get rocked by these sorts of revelations. They touch on it, but it is played with laughs. But all in all, this is a harmless, vanilla kind of gay movie. Assimilation, gay is thy name.

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