Villains (Television Thoughts, Crazy Ex Girlfriend S02 E14, Josh Goes To Hawaii)


Well, the most interesting part of this week’s episode ? Rebecca finally has a reality check. While eavesdropping, she hears Josh say to Valencia that he is not in love with Rebecca, and that must be a very hard pill to swallow. I am glad that the show has taken a step to be real. That hurts, oh man, that really hurts, and I can feel every bit of Rebecca’s pain, so much so that she is paralyzed by it. Look at the picture above, and you can see that even during a triumohant moment, when she is being given the key to West Covina, she is frozen: melancholy, unbelieving. I am sure any viewer following this show will feel like he has been punched in the stomach. And of course, the musical number they concoct for this, “You Are Your Own Worst Enemy” is fantastic, and haven’t we all been saying the exact same thing?

Another interesting development is her finding out that she is broke. I have been wondering myself how she has been living that life of hers for the salary at a smaller law firm woudl probably be much lower than the lifestyle she is accustomed to. And this poses as some kind of double whammy for her. Not only does she lose Josh, but now she doesn’t even have all the means to keep up with the charade she has been playing. It’s actually a brilliant plot move for the show, and will widen up the series as to where it will go. I am glad that at least the story is now moving somewhere. It has to, with just a couple of episodes left. I am staying tuned.

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