Bad Choices (Television Thoughts: Younger S02 E10, Bad Romance)


With three episodes to go, Younger is moving forward fast and furious. Liza is still in post break-up mode with Josh, and it looks like he is now dating Greta, the NY Times reporter. Cut to her going on a “date” with her daughter and her ex-husband. And then – she sleeps with him? Ew. That seems like an out-of-left-field choice by the writers. I don’t really know if Liza would do that. We all make bad choices, but I thought that was pretty hard to swallow. But she has bigger problems for now. She finds out that Thad has been cheating on Kelsey. And it looks like everyone in the world knows that Thad is bad for Kelsey, although no one would want to say it to her face. In our modern world obsessed with social media, her avocado toast post got more likes than her engagement ring one. Again, Liza is caught in between – she knows she should tell Kelsey about Thad’s infidelities, but she just can’t. Until, at the engagement party,  someone sends Liza a sex video of Thad’s as he looks on. “Either you tell her or I don’t,” she challenges. I don’t think Tad will be in teh show next season (Didn’t I read that the actor playing him got a major movie super hero gig?) and Kelsey will probably be loveless by the season finale. But Liza – I wonder how Josh will fit in next year, or will the focus be on Charles?

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