To Love And To Hold (Movie Thoughts: Holding The Man)

qygZjcqThe first thing I thought of after seeing “Holding The Man” were Hillary Clinton’s tone deaf comments the other day about Nancy Reagan championing AIDS. Is she in some kind of bizarro world? These people turned their eye on hundreds of thousands of people dying. In “Holding The Man,” we see the story of two more casualties of AIDS. Based on Tim Conigrave’s memoirs of the same title, this piece was earlier adapted on stage, and now, on film, directed by Neil Armfeld.. The film is basically a love story between Tim and John Caleo, his lover of fifteen years. they meet in High School in the late 70s, and fall in love. And then I don’t have to tell you what happens next – this is the 80s, after all. Truth be told, the film hammers some points a little too obviously (not that it doesn’t need to be) and it gets pretty treacly at times. But this is a very sweet love story, and Ryan Corr and Craig Stott (who play Tim and John respectively) have comfortable chemistry that you still believe every long moment here. And sure, I will cop out to shedding a tear or two here, as manipualtive as the screenplay could be. This is a story that has been told before, but it still bears repeating – and remembering.

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