Sinatra, Sadly (Cynthia Crane <3 Sinatra, Cynthia Crane)

81+32kiSkPL._SL1425_Sometimes listening to a collection can be more than listening to the music. There are instance when you look for pain, you look for world weariness. In ‘Cynthia Crane ❤ Sinatra,’ cabaret singer Cynthia Crane gives us a journey of her experience. She may not have the strongest voice – its wobbly, it can be pitchy: but every word is felt and interpreted like a confession. You know this woman knows what she is singing about. (Allegedly, she is one of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme victims ) And she has the greatest backing, with Mike Renzi on piano.

In this Sinatra tribute disc, the superb song selections veers more toward the late nigh saloon kind. Imagine everyone has almost gone, and you are having one last Scotch drink, as you ponder life’s twists and turns. And there is Cynthia Crane right there, singing about your life: your good and bad choices. Look at the songs: “No One Ever Tells You,” “The Night You Called It A Day,” “When No One Cares/Only The Lonely” Miss Crane will essay your pain. Turns your lights off, flick a candle, and listen.

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