Lies Lies Les (Television Thoughts: Younger S02 E11)


Liza and her lies are haunting her. First, her discovery of Thad’s infidelity. She has challenged him to confess to Kelsey, but he won’t do it, until he gets a break. He finds out about Liza’s secret. And he blackmails her by threatening to reveal it. I know it shows in the previews that he probably gets a fateful end next week, and that probably will snowball into Liza into more lies, but it does make me wonder what the end game for this season is- will some people get to know more about her secret, or will she continue with her charade?I just googled and indeed, Younger is getting a third season, and Dan Amboyer, who plays Thad, will be playing The Green Lantern on the big screen, which is probably why his character is exiting the series. So, let’s expound on that information, how will Thad’s fatal end impact how this series will end? I still suspect there will be a Liza-Charles connection at some point. As a matter of fact, they had a tender scene tonight where Charles was supposed to reveal to her what he really wants to do in life. I bet by net week’s season finale, something develops – and of course, Josh will be kind of back and this will cause a major complication for the finale.


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