Modern Family (Book Thoughts: Multiple Listings, Tracy McMillan)

23492619I am getting out of my reading rut. Tracy McMillan’s ‘Multiple Listings’ helped a lot. This was a page-turner for me, as I finished it in a little more than a day. Daylight Savings Time also helped because the other night I couldn’t sleep and I just tore through this. McMillan gives us a father and daughter story, told in alternating point of view chapters between Nikki, a successful real estate appraisalist and Ronnie, her father who has just been released from prison and shows uop unexpectedly at her door. She doesn’t want him there. and he has nowhere else to go. I can’t exactly pin-point why, but at first I didn’t like the Nikki character, but I warmed up to her. The father, Ronnie, is a hoot – someone with worldly wisdom and isn’t afraid to impart it. I got engrossed in the story, and since McMillan is a television writer, the set up seems to be sitcom or hour-long dramedy ready. But these are three-dimensional characters, and by the end of the book I was sad to see them go.

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