Blue Is The Warmest Color (Movie Thoughts: Beira-Mar [Seashore])

7lbumciaaxsqjkcbg3rcqiumpegI always say that part of my being old is that it is getting tougher and tougher for me to understand the younger generation, but sometimes I do realize that human emotion is the same in any generation. What differs is how one deals with these problems. Bera Mar (Seashore) stars young men in that cusp of not really adolescent and figuring out where hey stand in life as a young adult. They are starting to really get in touch with how their feelings define them as individuals. Martin and Tomasz (Mateus Almada and Mauricio Jose Carcellos) have been friends for a long time,  and in this trip to Martin’s seashore family house, they will come to a fork in the road. Their sexual orientations will define them as people, and may or may not redefinie how they are to each other. Directors Filipe Matzambacher and Marcio Reolon has mad a film full of subtleties. You go through a journey having no idea where you are going, and truth be told, I was a little shocked where the characters ended up at the end of the film, although as I look back and ponder at the film, I should have seen the signs along the way. Both Almada and Carcellos are excellent in the film: their face can show transparency of feelings, but of course, human emotion is much more 249662-seashore-0-230-0-345-cropcomplex, and you realize there is much more to what you are seeing, and what you think they are feeling. I was extremely touched by these characters so much so that I found myself still after the last scene, thinking about where these characters have ended up. In a way, it made me closer to the younger generation, as I acknowledge that these characters – the young people who are the next generation – are questioning the same questions we asked ourselves when we were their age. It’s the kind of movie that made me look at myself now, and made me feel glad about where I am now.

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