Truth Be Told (Book Thoughts: Truth In Advertising, John Kenney)

13547308Fin Dolan is at a crossroad in his life. He has been working in advertising, and his biggest account is a diaper brand. He gets a chance to do a Superbowl commercial for them, and this could put him in the big leagues. But, he is given a short time to do this. Meanwhile, he gets a call from his older brother, telling him that their father – who has been absent for most of their lives – is dying in a hospital in Cape Cod. And he has to realize that he is desperately falling in love with Phoebe, who also works at his office. All these stories are seamlessly told in John Kenney’s novel, which is a great exercise in reflection. I spent most of my weekend devouring all three hundred and twenty pages (or the Kindle equivalent) of this book. It shows how at some point in our lives we question what we do, what we value in our lives, and what we do to pursue our happiness. It also shows how death in family can change us, and make us ask questions we were too scared to ask before. I found myself identifying with Fin, even though he is the farthest thing from who I am. I found myself missing my old city, my old life, my old everyday. And in this book, I found a little corner of myself.

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