In Therapy (Televison Thoughts, Crazy Ex Girlfriend S01 E15: Josh Doesn’t Know Where I Am)


Episode 15, “Josh Doesn’t Know Where I Am,” is, for me, one of the best episodes of the series. It’s funny and entertaining, for sure, but it is also introspective, and darn if it didn’t hit some nerves in my own life. After Rebecca’s realization that Josh is not love with her, she goes back to New York. She inquired about her old job, and they offered it back to her. And on the plane, she meets her therapist, Dr Akopian (Michael Hyatt) and she goes on a five hour therapy session with her. Well, technically not. She goes in a dream,a nd her therapist becomes her “Dream Ghost” (cue: Dreamgirls-like production number with Amber Riley and Ricki Lake) who takes her to different parts of her life, kind of like a Ghost of Christmas present and past, to assure  her that she is not as unsuccessful in love as she thinks she is. And she goes back to certain parts of her life: puberty, college, and to the present, where she sees all  her West Covina friends worried all together in her apartment worried about her. In the end, she goes on the first plane back to West Covina and Josh asks her the question, “Are you in love with me?”  But I think it would have been a better idea had she stayed in New York I think I would have liked to have seen her kind of thrive in the city again: to see her success back at her old law firm, and then the California people can go and see what a loser she isn’t. (I even think it would have been a great cliffhanger for the season – yes the show has been renewed, yay)  Now I kind of feel that she is still back where she left off, with no resolution or change. We’ll see where she goes from here. I trust the show enough to believe.

One thought on “In Therapy (Televison Thoughts, Crazy Ex Girlfriend S01 E15: Josh Doesn’t Know Where I Am)

  1. I liked getting more insight into Rebecca’s past and seeing why she is how she is. I think it gives a lot of good messages about how women don’t always need men to define their worth. I just hope she auditions for a musical or takes musical theater classes on the side. And yes, the Amber and Ricki cameos were great. I also love how they show that Greg still cares about her. (Side note from the previous episode…I like that Heather told him off. She always comes off as so vapid, but it’s nice to see that she has feelings and is willing to express them.)


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