It’s All Greek To Me (Movie Thoughts: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2)

greekLet’s talk about baklava, the desert. It’s so sweet that I can only take one bite of it, and I already feel like my blood sugar count has already skyrocketed. But, I know people who can’t get enough of it – and I do understand why.  Now let’s talk about “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,”  the sequel of a movie you never thought would have one. It has been fourteen years since the record-breaking movie, and the idea of this movie, like baklava, is sweet and alluring. And, yes, the movie, just like the desert, is too sweet – it’s cloying, it’s saccharine. But did you expect anything less?

The movie stars the great ensemble piece that made the first one great. Again, the film (and the family) is anchored by Toula, played by Nia Vardalos (is it just me, but is she giving Sarah Palin vibes, looks wise?)  She fixes everyone’s problems, and is basically the thread that keeps everything together. Vardalos is a generous actress, and manly plays background to her cast – a warm Michael Constantine, a loveable Lanie Kazan, a scene-stealing Andrea Martin. And the jokes, even if they fall flat, work. But that’s about the thing here – scene after scene is a parade of sitcom gag jokes that really do not amount to any kind of discernible plot. But who cares? This film is like the Greek Isles – pretty to look at, sunny and warm, and yes, baklava. I don’t want to split hairs about this: this film is harmless and enjoyable, and for the Easter weekend, your family could do much worse. They even throw a small gay storyline in to keep up with the times.  If you like this, enjoy it. If you don’t, have some uzu and shout “Opa!”

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