Two Kisses To Build A Dream On (Television Thoughts: Youngser Season Two Finale)


So here we are, at the second season cliffhanger of “Younger.” (I googled and the show has been renewed for Season 3)  and it’s a pretty good end for thee season, but not entirely unsurprising. I thin we have known all along that something will spark between Liza and Charles and that happened this episode when Charles, out of the blue, kisses Liza at the Paramus Park Mall.  And how did she get there? Well, after felling guilty and responsible for Thad’s death, Liza quits Empirical and starts working at the New Jersey mall. But Charles lassoes her back. Meanwhile after having mourning sex with Josh, he waits for her at her stoop and kisses her, too – which begs the show’s campaign of #TeamJosh vs #TeamCharles.

A couple of things: I really do wish the season and more than twelve episodes. It felt a little unfinished and perhaps because it is a thirty minute show, a lot of things get glossed over. One thing, though, Liza and Kelsey’s friendship feels so authentic tha when they hugged it out towards the end of this episode, I felt myself tearing up. Plus, I thought what Josh did to Liza – having her leave towards the fire escape – was so foul, and perhaps just a bit out of character for both of them, all in the expense of a cheap laugh. A lot of times this show does that, and I really wish it didn’t.But then, I guess the show is more of a sitcom than a soap, so perhaps I am being a bit too picky – you do that with the things you love – one’s biggest fans are also their biggest critic.

All in all, I am still invested in the show, and I think it’s getting better by the year, as the actors gets more and more settled with their characters. I have always loves Sutton Foster on stage – she was fabulous in the ‘Anything Goes’ revival – and she is tops here. This is one of the best ensembles on television. I’ll be here waiting for the next season.

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