Straight Up (Television Thoughts, Josh’s Sister Is Getting Married, S01 E 16)


Well, looks like it has happened. At the end of this episode, “Josh’s Sister Is Getting Married,”  Rebecca and Greg get together. Finally, they do, and yes, it seems like I have been rooting for that all along, since ever since, I have been on #TeamGreg, partly because I think Santino Fontana, who plays Greg, is tremendous. But why do I think that the coupling of the two seems destined for disaster? As much as their is combustible chemistry between them, there also seems to be something in both of them that has this sever…something…bad….reaction to each other. I can only imagine what the repercussions are for the two of them getting together, and I don’t know if I am dreading it or excited about it. Meanwhile, and earlier, Rebecca seems to be on the straight arrow train, using her manipulative skills for Valencia to rehabilitate her image in Josh’s families’ eyes. Rebecca was asked to be a bridesmaid for Josh’s sister’s wedding entourage, but Rebecca only accepted if  they would also include Valencia. Of course, there are disastrous results to this, and Rebecca spends most of the episode playing martyr, and frankly, it’s kind of not a good look for her. But, I think this episode is more of a set-up for what happens next. With two episodes to go, I hope we get set up for an explosive season finale.

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