Swing Time In Sweden (Music Thoughts: What Now My Love, Carin Lundin)

lundinI trust Swedish jazz albums. I very rarely get disappointed with them. So I looked forward to hearing Carin Lundin’s “What Now My Love” when I googled her and found out that she is one of Sweden’s more popular jazz singers. “What Now My Love,” is a great album, and she has a singing style that’s natural and deeply felt. A good example of this is her take on the title track. While it’s one of my favorite songs, most singers tend to go overboard with the melancholy when singing it. Her version is lighter, but she is still able to essay the meaning of the lyrics. And she can swing, for sure. Backed by a more-than-competent band – she sizzles in the uptempo tracks like “Get Happy,” and “I’ve Got A Heart Full Of Rhythm.”  And  do like the hint of a Continental accent when she sings – it gives her singing a lot of character, but then I have always liked people singing in accents.   All in all, the album is a good swinging time.

P.S. And I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing for her, but doesn’t she look like Kris Jenner in that album cover?

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