Cold Tumble (Movie Thoughts: Tumbledown)

tumbledown-tp‘Tumbledown’ (directed by Sean Mewshaw) is set in a cold cabin in Maine, and it is beautifully photographed. But the action never warms up in this arctic love story. Rebecca Hall plays a young widow whose husband, Hunter, becomes one of those music sensations after he passes away. Jason Sudeikis plays Andrew, an author interested in writing a book about his life. Of course, they are meant to have sparks, but there is zero chemistry between the two actors that nothing ever happens that is of interest to the viewer. Hall’s character, Hannah, is still too much in love with her husband, and she broods and is disinterested in anything else. Hall is a good actress so it’s surprising to see that there are no layers in Hannah – even when she tries to be that wacky widow in some scenes, she still comes across as that forlorn young widow. And Sudeikis seems all wrong for the role – his comedic tics come out of nowhere and does not serve the character and the story. I had high hopes from this film, and am sad to find myself disappointed. I re-started watching this film several times because I couldn’t get its groove: maybe it was never meant to be for me.

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