Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Book Thoughts: The Great American Whatever, Tim Federle)

25663382I wanted to read “The Great American Whatever”  by Tim Federle as soon as I ssaw it was available as I had enjpoyed his ‘Nate’ book series. It’s very hard nowadays to find young gay novelists that I like, and I wanted to support him.  I enjoyed this book a lot, and I was skeptical at first, because I don’t know if I could still identify with the youth of today. I mean, the characters here are not even millennials – they are 9/11 babies.  But I needn’t worry. Federle’s main character here, Quinn, is identifiable, lovable, and real. He is sixteen going on seventeen (He has a birthday in the course of the story) and his sister/bestfriend/ally passed away six months ago in an automobile accident. He has been wallowing, but his best friend, Geoff, has had enough, and wants hi to snap put of his funk. And so he takes baby steps into rebuilding his life, and by the end gets a little farther away from what he was before. This is one of those page-turners that I didn’t want to end. As a matter of fact, as I read it on my Kindle, I got more and more depressed as I look at the remaining percentage left in the book. And as much as I liked Quinn, I liked is friend Geoff just as much. I felt their friendship was genuine, and their affection for each other touching. This didn’t feel like a coming-of-age, perhaps a coming of a quarter age? But it’s a story that drew me in, and is immensely readable.

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